2012 LG HDTV Priced & Availability

LG is no different from the other major HDTV manufacturers this year. They released their product lineup at the start of the year, including model names, but they held back one key piece of information; the price.

Read our 2012 LG HDTV Lineup article for more information and photos for the entire 2012 LG range.

Unlike Samsung and a number of other HDTV manufacturers, LG didn’t release an official list of prices for press. But as a number of models from their 2012 lineup are already shipping out, or available for pre-order, along with contacting LG directly, we have managed to create an article with what we believe to be accurate figures. (Although Amazon are always lowering prices with offers, so be sure to check the links)

As stated above, a number of 2012 LG HDTVs are already shipping out, and some even include special introduction offers such as $100 instant rebate, free blu-ray player, or soundbar and an extra pair of 3D glasses! This deal is only expected to last until March 31st.

  • 55-Inch 55LS4600 $1599.99
  • 42-Inch 42LS5700 $899.99 with current $100 instant rebate
  • 47-Inch 47LS5700 $1099.99 with current $100 instant rebate
  • 55-Inch 55LS5700 $1699.99 with current $100 instant rebate
  • 60-Inch 60LS5700 $2399.99
  • LG 47G2 47-Inch Cinema 3D Google TV $1599.99
  • LG 55G2 55-Inch Cinema 3D Google TV $2099.99
  • LG Cinema Screen 47LM6700 47-Inch Cinema 3D $1,450.99
  • LG Cinema Screen 55LM6700 55-Inch Cinema 3D $2099.99
  • LG Cinema Screen 47LM7600 47-Inch Cinema 3D $1799.99
  • LG Cinema Screen 55LM7600 55-Inch Cinema 3D $2299.99
  • 47-Inch 47LM8600 $2099.99
  • 55-Inch 55LM8600 $2699.99
  • 47-Inch 47LM9600 $2699.99
  • 55-Inch 55LM9600 $3299.99
  • 42-Inch 42PA4500 $499.99
  • 50-Inch 50PA4500 $649.99
  • 42-Inch 42PM4700 $629.99
  • 50-Inch 50PM4700 $799.99
  • 50-Inch 50PA6500 $799.99
  • 60-Inch 60PA6500 $1349.99
  • 50-Inch 50PM9700 $1549.99
  • 60-Inch 60PM9700 $2199.99
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