2013 LG HDTV European Lineup

We have already covered the new 2013 LG HDTV lineup for the U.S market but we didn’t want to forget about our readers over in Europe and the UK.

Like most manufactures, even though the HDTVs are the same, with the same specifications and features (except maybe a different power plug) they change the model names.

This can be confusing if you’re in the processes of researching a new HDTV to purchase.

LG hasn’t changed the series / models number all the much, essentially replacing the last “0” with a “V” to differentiate. For example the U.S LG LA8600 series, becomes the LG LA860V series in Europe.


The LG LA960V series is the new top of the range HDTV series from LG for 2013 in Europe and UK, and will be available at the 47-inch LG 47LA9600 and 55-inch LG 55LA9600.

Both feature a cinema screen design, cinema 3D, with a 240Hz panel (MCI 1200).  The Full HD 1080p LCD panel is lit by edge LED.



The LG LA960 series is a Smart TV making use of LG’s latest 2013 version powered by a dual core processor.  Both also come with the latest magic remote with voice control. They also feature a built in camera for Skype etc.

  • LG L47A960V | 47-Inch
  • LG L55A960V | 55-Inch


Next in line is the LG LA860V series, just one notch down from their flagship LA960V series.  Specifications and features mostly remain the same as the flagship with a cinema screen design, full HD LCD panel with edge LED lighting and 240Hz (MCI 960) refresh rate.



The Smart TV functions are powered by a dual core processor with Cinema 3D supports.  It also features a built in camera and comes with the new magic remote with voice control.

One advantage of their series is that it is available in larger sizes, all the way up to the 70-inch LG 70LA860A.

  • LG L47A860V | 47-Inch
  • LG L55A860V | 55-Inch
  • LG L60A860V | 60-Inch
  • LG L70A860V | 70-Inch


The LG LA790V series is the once exception to the rest of the series, as it is unique to the European / U.K market, and has no U.S cousin series

It also features a full HD LCD LED edge lit panel with 240Hz (MCI 960) refresh rate. Cinema 3D and Smart TV powered by a dual core processor.  It also comes with the magic remote with voice control, but we loose the built in camera.

  • LG 47LA790V | 47-Inch
  • LG 55LA790V|  55-Inch


The LG LA740V series on paper looks very similar to the above series.  It too features the cinema screen design with a full HD panel with edge LED lighting.  The panel is 240Hz (MCI 960) and also features the Cinema 3D and Smart TV powered by a dual core processor.  Magic remote with voice is included.

  • LG 47LA740V | 47-Inch
  • LG 55LA740V | 55-Inch
  • LG 60LA740V | 60-Inch

 LG LA690V

The LG LA690V also has the Cinema screen design, and Cinema 3D.  It has a full HD panel with edge LED lighting, but we’re now slowing down to a 120Gz panel (MCI 480).  It is also a Smart TV powered by a dual core processor. It still features the Magic remote and voice control.

  • LG 47LA690V | 47-Inch
  • LG 55LA690V | 55-Inch
  • LG 60LA690V | 60-Inch


The LA660V series is the same as the above LA690V specification wise, but it looses the magic remote control.



  • LG 47LA660V | 47-Inch
  • LG 55LA660V | 55-Inch

LG will also be releaseing the lower end LA620V, LN610V, LN570V, LN560V series. We’ll add more information to this article as it becomes available.

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5 Responses to “2013 LG HDTV European Lineup”

  1. Lasts year LG LM960V was very expensive but it had 480Hz (the only one that I know of )and was full array .
    LG probably saw the sale numbers and decided to downgrade so it can be more affordable .

    • Unfortunately it seems to be a trend that all manufactures are following. Making everything LED edge lit.

      Even though they’re “Dynamic edge lit” I’d rather see a full array, but unfortunately I can only assume that most people would rather buy a slimmer HDTV.

  2. As it seems from the list, LG once again decided to leave the Google TVs away from the european market…..
    I really can’t understand why…. It’s not like europe avoids using android systems or such…