LG 2013 HDTV Lineup

LG have just revealed their entire 2013 HDTV lineup ahead of CES 2013.

We’re used to some information coming out way before CES, but never an entire lineup, either way, here it is!

All of the 2013 LG LCD HDTVs are now LED lit, gone are the older CCFL backlit models. There are also fewer plasma HDTVs this year, just three series, and five models.

There are 11 Smart TV series resulting in 26 models, and 5 LED LCD series consisting of 13 new models.

Many of the new models are “Cinema Screen” models with a “borderless” design. The bezel / border is indeed extremely slim, making it almost invisiable. The Smart TVs features have also been upgraded and updated.

Update: Also be sure to view the 2013 LG comparison database for easy feature / specification comparison.

We have already seen their 84-Inch Ultra HD TV, but now they will be adding 4k to smaller screen sizes of 65-inchs and 55-Inches.

LGs 2013 Smart TV features have been upgraded with a 120% faster CPU and 300% faster GPU, speeding up the apps and graphical interface. LG also say that the Smart TV experience and been much improved. They have also added speech recognition support and a new Magic Remote.

2013 LG Smart TVs

We will start at the bottom and work our way up through the 26 models in the 11 series. Photos and more information will be added as it become available.


The LG LN5600 series is the entry level smart TV, and is available in 27-Inches, LG 27LN5600. It features a 1080p LCD resolution, edge-lit LED, and a dual core CPU. It has a 60Hz refresh rate. The Magic Remote with voice control is an optional extra.


The LG LN5700 series are available in 32, 39, and 42-Inches, the larger two are 120Hz, while the 32-inch in 60Hz. The 1080p LCD panel is LED backlit. It has a dual core processor, with optional Magic Remote.


The LG LN6100 looks to have the same features and specifications as the LN5700 but is available in larger 60-Inches.


The LA6200 are also backlit LED LCD 1080p models with 120Hz refresh, but they add passive 3D. Available in 47, 50, 55, and 60-Inches.


The LG GA6400 is a Google TV, hence the GA in the series name. The same as above, but now with edge LED lighting. Dual core Google TV, and comes with the voice Magic Remote w2ith QWERTY keyboard. Available in 42, 47, 50, 55 and 60-Inches.

LG 2012 Google TV

LG 2012 Google TV


The LG LA6500 series is the first of the “borderless” bezel models. It is edge-LED lit, has a 1080p resolution, 60Hz refresh, and is powered by a dual core processor. It comes with the Magic Motion Remote.


Very little is currently know about the LG LA6600 series, but we do know it will be available as the 55-inch LG 55LA6600.

The LG 55LA6600 is an LED cinema 3D Smart TV which uses Dynamic Energy saving technology, aka DES, and makes use of an recyclable materials and has an eco-friendly design.  This has lead it to be honored in the Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies category of the 2013 Innovation Awards.

LG LA6600

LG LA6600

The 55LA6600 is an LED CINEMA 3D Smart TV that uses Dynamic Energy Saving technology (DES), an eco-friendly design and recyclable materials to appeal to discerning, environmentally-conscious consumers.

  • LG 47LA6600 | 47-Inch, pricing to come
  • LG 55LA6600 | 55-Inch, pricing to come


With the LG LA6900 series we’re starting to get the the higherend performance models. The LA6900 series are edge LED lit with local dimming. It also has a borderless bezel, 1080p resolution, 120Hz refresh, passive 3D technology, powered by a dual core processor, and comes with a Magic Motion Remote Control with voice control. It is available as the 47-inch 47LA6900, 50-Inch 50LA6900, and 55-Inch 55LA6900.

LG LA6900

LG LA6900

  • LG 47LA6900 | 47-Inch, pricing to come
  • LG 50LA6900 | 50-Inch, pricing to come
  • LG 55LA6900 | 55-Inch, pricing to come


The LG LA7400 series is the same as the LA6900 series, but has a 240Hz refresh rate, rather than the 120Hz refresh. It also also available in a larger size. 47, 55 and 60-Inches.

LG LA7400

LG LA7400

  • LG 47LA7400 | 47-Inch, pricing to come
  • LG 55LA7400 | 55-Inch, pricing to come
  • LG 60LA7400 | 60-Inch, pricing to come


The LG GA7900 series are also Google TVs, this time LED edge lit with local dimming and a borderless bezel. 1080p resolution and a 240HZ refresh rate, and dual core processor. Available in 47 and 55-Inches. Comes with Magic motion remote with QWERTY keyboard.

LG GA7900

LG GA7900


LG LA8600

LG LA8600

The LG LA8600 is the highest spec 2013 Smart TV from LG. It is LED edge lit, with a borderless bezel and 1080p LCD. It has a 240Hz refresh rate, passive 3D, dual core processor, built in HD camera and microphone for Skype, and comes with the Magic Motion remote. Available as the 47-Inch LG 47LA8600, and as the 55-Inch 55LA8600. It will also be available in 60-inch and a massive 70-inches.

  • LG 47LA8600 | 47-Inch, pricing to come
  • LG 55LA8600 | 55-Inch, pricing to come
  • LG 60LA8600 | 60-Inch, pricing to come
  • LG 70LA8600 | 70-Inch, pricing to come

LG LA9600

LG have yet to publish details about the LG LA9600 in their press releases, but they have put out a photo of the beautiful TV.  From the looks and model name it looks like it could be their new high end 2013 model. It’s a CINEMA 3D Smart TV.

Update:  We now know the that LG LA9600 series features a Cinema Screen design, with a Nano Full HD panel (edge LED) with a 240Hz refresh.  It is powered by a dual core CPU, features a built in camera and comes with the new Magic Remote with voice control.  It will be available as th

LA9600 will be available in 47 and 55 inches as the LG 47LA9600 and LA 55LA9600.

  • LG 47LA9600 | 47-Inch, pricing to come
  • LG 55LA9600 | 55-Inch, pricing to come
LG LA9600

LG LA9600

The 55-inch LG 55LA9600 was nominated in the video category for the 2013 Innovation Awards.


The LG LM9600 is a model from late 2012, but it still sit proudly at the top as their flagship model. It is a huge 84-Inches as has an Ultra HD resolution. We suspect LG will be adding smaller 50-Inch or so models to this series. It has a 240Hz refresh rate, passive 3D and a dual core processor.


LG PH6700

LG PH6700

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  1. I would like to THANK the publisher of this website in going into detail and putting an elaborate order of the LG tv models. I was so confused and really wanted to buy a 3d tv and had NO idea of what the difference is, distraught I at first deceided not to buy anything in fear of buying a model thats old and obsolete, now having look thru this editor’s cronological order I have a better idea of what the newer model looks like so when I go to a retail store I won’t get suckered into buying an old model. I’m gearing toward a 2013 model so my choice is the LG LA8600 because its a new model and although BestBuy told me its last years model I know now that its not true. They were trying to pressure me into buying a LG GA tv, but I don’t want anything to do with Google. So again thank you for the info. 1 question Lg LA’s are 2013 models and so are LG GA’s?

    • Hi Aybee,

      Firstly many thanks for your kind words, it’s great to hear that I have helped you out, and your appreciation goes a long way.

      The LG LA8600 is most definitely a 2013 3D Smart TV, in fact it has only been available about 4 months.

      If you look at our 2013 LG Comparison chart,(http://www.hdtv-news.com/lg-2013-comparison-database/) you will see the LA8600 is the flagship / top model for 2013 and is an amazing Smart TV.

      Secondly, yes, the GA models are all Google TVs from 2013.

      If you do go with the LA8600 or another LG TV, please click this link to buy from Amazon as it helps us out!

      It will also save you 25%, free shipping and returns and 2% cash back!

      Cheers, Matt

  2. Could you tell me the differences between LA6600 and LA7400? As the comparison chart doesn’t cover the first TV.
    Also if you have any knowledge about those, kindly add LM6610 and LA6210 to the comparison. I’m totally lost and can’t find a website that compares them in a correct way

    • Hi Carl, thanks for pointing this out.

      I’ll look into adding these for you, I aim to provide the best most complete comparison chart out there, so I’ll be sure to start my research on it.


  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the great coverage and info. I would like to know the exact difference between a LG 55LA7400 and LG 55GA7900. I know the obvious difference is the smart platform – one is LG and other Google. However I would like to know if there is any picture quality difference between the 2.

    Thank you

  4. Hi matt
    You are a amazing person
    I wasn’t going to buy a LG TV, but now I am going to! Thanks for your post. But I am thinking of LA6200 and LA6600, what I want is great picture and able to play different format of movies, which one would you recommend?could you also put LA6600 on the compare chart? Thank you matt.


    • Hi Nicole, many thanks for the great feedback, I’m glad you have found this post useful!

      Both should be great for your needs! Right now I can’t seem to find much information on the LA6600 for you. But I’ll research it and get it added to the comparison chart! Thanks.

  5. What is the difference between the LN5400 and the LN5600 in the 60″ size? It appears that at 60″ they are both 120Hz. Maybe its just the LED lighting location.

    I’m torn between these two models at a 60″ size. I have found both within $50 of each other.


  6. Awesome coverage of LG line up info. There are so many choices to make these days, and this sort out clearly 100% the sometimes minor details and differences. Even though the producers have there own comparison options but the info stated are many time not complete and very stranged combined.
    Again tnx for your help in this from Holland !!! Chears Marco