LG’s 2014 LED LCD TVs

LG have proudly announced their OLED TVs and Ultra HD 4K TVs, but we can’t forget about their LED / LCD Smart TVs!

While details are still slim, we will give you what we have right now, and fill out this post as more information comes in.

There are seven new LED LCD series for 2014, and all seven can be grouped in to the high-end, mid range, and entry levels.

At the top we have the 2014 highend models, these are the LG LB7100, LB6500, and LB6300 models.

These three series all feature LG’s new webOS Smart TV platform, and comes with LG’s Magic Remote controller.

LG 2014 LCD TV

LG 2014 LCD TV

LG LB7100

The LB7100 series is 250Hz, while the others are all at least 120Hz. The LB7100 features TruBlack contrast enhancement feature (local dimming) and is available in 55-inches as the LG 55LB7100, 60-inch 60LB7100, 65-inch 65LB7100, and 70-inch LG 70LB7100.

LG LB6500 Series

The LG LB6500 series is available in 47, 50, 55, and 60-inch sizes.

LG LB6300 Series

The LG LB6300 is available in 42, 47, 50, 55, 60, and 65-inch sizes.

Next up are the mid range models, these are all 1080p LED LED models, but do not support 3D functions, or WebOS.

LG LB6000 Series

The LG LB6000 series has a 120Hz panel, and is available in 47, 50, 55, and 60-inch sizes.

LG LB5800 series

Next up is the LG LB5800 series, this has a 60Hz panel and is available in 32, 39, 42, and 47-inch sizes.

LG LB4700 / LB 4500

Finally we have the entry level more budged friendly series, they are also very small for today’s standards.

The LB4700 series is only available in 28-inches as the 28LB4700, while the LB4500 series is available as the 22-inch 22LB4500, and as the 24-inch 24LB4500. Both series make us of a 720p screen.

This post is currently being developed, check back soon for more information, photos and videos!

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3 Responses to “LG’s 2014 LED LCD TVs”

  1. Hello I have an LG LB6500 Smart tv and it doesn’t stay connected to my wifi connector. Everytime I turn the tv off it disconnects, and I have to go back and re-enter the wifi password. Is there a way to solve this issue are even save the password to the tv so that it automatically connect when tv turns on….


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  2. I have the 70LB7100 and it worked just fine for about a month. now I have a problem staying connected via wifi, is there a solution to this?