LG Adds 3D World Video Store for Cinema 3D Smart TVs

Lucky enough to own one of the fancy LG Cinema 3D Smart HDTVs? Wish you had more 3D content to enjoy and to make your friends jealous? Well LG has come to your rescue with “3D World”, an online 3D video store.

3D World allows you to easily browse, download and view the highest quality 3D videos of entertainment, documentary, sports, kids and lifestyle programs.

More and more content will be added over time as more deals are closed with other providers.

LG 3D World Video Store

LG 3D World Video Store

If you own one of the new 2012 models, you should very shortly, if not already, see a “card” appear on the TVs dashboard. For the 2011 models, you will be able to download the 3D app from today.

I personally think this is a great idea, as often there isn’t enough decent 3D content available to test out (or show off) your impressive new HDTV.

Own a Cinema 3D Smart HDTV? What do you think of the 3D world video store?

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