4K Gaming on LG 84-inch 4K Ultra HDTV [Video]

One of the cool things we captured while at the Gadget Show Live in England was a very impressive demo of the Grid 2 racing game being played in 4K on the LG 84-inch 4K UHD TV.

While we have seen many of the new and upcoming 4K Ultra HD TVs showing a variety of native 4K content, and upscaled content, we have never seen gaming on any of these TV.

The 84-inch 4K LG 84LM960V / 84LM9600 was being used for the demo, and we were given the impression from the LG staff at the Gadget Show Live in England that it was being fed native 4K content. The image quality was definitely very impressive which would lead us to believe it was native. If not the 4K LG UHD TV was doing a very good job at upscalling.

The future of 4K gaming is still somewhat uncertain. Sony have announced the PlayStation 4, which can output 4K video content, but wouldn’t be able to play games at 4K (not initially anyhow), while of course PC’s are able to output at native 4K resolution and beyond.

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