LG’s New WebOS 4K TVs Support Netflix 4K Streaming

Ever since we first started to see 4K Ultra HDTVs hit the market, the major problem with them has been lack of 4K content.

Well it now looks like LG with its latest WebOS Smart TV platform have teamed up with Netflix to deliver streaming 4K Ultra HD content directly to the TV! This is great news, as of right now there is no 4K physical media format, so streaming seems to the the future.

We’re still waiting on more details, as we’re curious how fast your Internet connection will have to be, and the encoding quality etc.

Last week we posted about LG’s impressive new 2014 4K TV lineup, and how they featured a built in h.265 decoder. This H.264 and HEVC H.265 decoder can play back both 30p and 60p. This is no doubt how is magic is going to be performed.

LG WEBOS 4K Netflix

LG WEBOS 4K Netflix

We’re going to be on the show room floor tomorrow where we’re excited to see a hands on demo. We have known for sometime that Netflix has been experimenting with 4K, they had a demo at CES 2013 last year, and a couple of months ago found some 4K test streams. We don’t know of Sony, Samsung etc have Netflix 4K plans, but we’re hopeful!

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