LG 55EA8800 Flamingo OLED TV

While at CES 2013 recently one of the clear show stopping products was without a doubt LG’s second generation OLED TV, the LG 55EA8800.

LG had a number of these beautiful OLED HDTVs placed around their booth, and it is very hard not to droll over not only the images displayed on the OLED panel, but also it’s elegant and simple design.

While LG are calling the EA8800 series “second generation” it’s really more of their “second OLED” as the panel used is same one as in their only just recently available 55-inch OLED TV, the LG 55EM9700 / 55LM960V. Not that that takes anything way from the LG 55EA8800 as the 55EM9700 is the most impressive OLED TV available to date!

LG EA8800

LG EA8800

Where the new LG 55EA8800 really differs is in its design, and primarily its “Flamingo” stand. Better known as the LG Flamingo OLED TV, the 55EA8800’s stand makes it almost appear to be floating in the air. The elegant Flamingo stand curves around as it supports the weight of the OLED TV. Clearly this has only been possible due to the very light weight of the OLED panel, and I must admit, I’m a huge fan. It also boasts and extremely thin bezel of hardly half a centimeter, and is of course extremely thin in terms of depth, it almost disappears when you look at it side on.

Having seen the beautiful LG 55EA8800 in person and been mesmerized by the beautiful image quality, there is no arguing that is has amazing contrast, color, clarity, sharpness and motion handling.

Other changes include featuring LG’s latest Smart TV operating platform with a great looking new interface with extra features such as NFC for communicating with Smart Phones and tablets. It also comes with the new 2013 magic remote control and supports the latest voice recognition system.

LG also announced and showed off their curved OLED TV!

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