LG 55EM9700 55-Inch OLED TV Coming Soon!

Finally we have some news about the upcoming 55-Inch OLED TV from LG, great news!

While both Samsung and LG were eager to show off their super slim, super impressive OLED TVs at CES 2012 way back in January, we have yet to see them make their way out of show rooms. Despite a 2012 release scheduled.

While we haven’t heard much since CES regarding their release, we now have a great sign of hope that we should be seeing the LG 55EM9700 55-Inch OLED some time soon!

Before any electronic item is released in the U.S, it first has to undergo a series of tests by the FCC. Interestingly the FCC posts all this information online, and is often a source of leaks.

The mere fact that the LG 55EM9700 was at the FCC is a clear sign that a release is coming soon! 

We now know that the 55-Inch OLED from LG will be called the LG 55EM9700-UA / 55EM9700.

LG 55EM9700


Along with one photo of the OLED TV from behind, still half wrapped up, there are a bunch of documents that reveal a little more about the 55-Inch OLED. The model they looked at has a build date of December 2012. It also tells us that the weight without the stand is 10.9kg / 24lbs. It also lists the power consumption as 520W, but this is probably the maximum value.

You’ll notice from the photo that all the inputs appear to be in the stand at the back. This is because the LG 55EM9700 is so thin the simply isn’t any space for them.

Below is a photo of the 55EM9700 labels from the FCC.  Via Engadget


Maybe LG are getting their 55-Inch OLED ready for an availability announcement at CES 2013?! We can but hope!

Update 2nd January 2013: LG have just announced that they are now taking orders of the LG 55EM9700 this month in Korea, and will be shipping out in February 2013. It is priced at 11M Korean won (just over $10,000). World wide availability will be announced next month.

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