LG 55LA9650, 65LA9650 Cheaper 4K TVs Announced

LG have announced two new 4K Ultra HDTVs to their growing 4K lineup, the 55-inch LG 55LA9650, and 65-inch 65LA9650. These two new models from the LG LA9650 series come in at a lower price than their existing 4K models of the same size.

This is the same tactic that Sony used roughly a month ago when they announced their 850A series of 4K TVs, which come in at a cheaper price.

With the addition of these new models it increases LG’s 4K offerings to five models (Same number as Sony), including the original 55-inch, 65-inch, and of course their 84-inch 4K. So that’s five models from LG, with the total number of 4K TVs now at 18 at last count.

The 55-inch LG 55LA9650 costs $3,499, while the 65-inch LG 65LA9650 costs $4,999. This means that both the new “cheaper” LG and Sony 55-inch 4K TVs are priced the same at $3.5k, but the 65-inch LG model will costs $500 more than Sony’s offering.

LG 55LA9650

LG 55LA9650

Specification wise both the LG 4K models will have a 3,840 x 2,160 UHDTV pixel resolution, with edge lit LED backlight. TruMotion 240Hz (120Hz with a scanning backlight), IPS wide angle LCD panel, Smart TV with a dual core processor, voice control, and will come with the Magic remote control.

It has passive 3D and comes with 4 pairs of 3D glasses. it also features Smart Share for streaming from phones and tablets, WiDi wireless connection, Mobile HD Link, and NFC connection. It is also Skype ready.

Audio wise it has a 2.1 channel system with 34 watts of total power.

Both models have a release date of October 1st, so expect to see them very soon.

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