LG Cinema Beam Laser TV Released in Korea

Do you remember the LG Laser TV that LG announced and proudly showed off at CES 2013 last month? The LG HECTO Laser TV / short throw projector has just gone on sale over in Korea under the new name of “LG Cinema Beam TV”.

I guess you can never have too many names! LG like to call this product a TV, where it’s more of a projector than a TV. But it’s far from a traditional projector.

The LG Cinema Beam TV projects a 100-inch 1080p HD image on to the provided screen from just 22-inches away.

That’s the key right there, the staggeringly ultra short throw of just 22-inches. The LG HECTO / Cinema Beam Laser TV unit itself it also pretty small, and with such a short throw it really changes how the projector can be used. You’ll no longer need to mount the projector on the ceiling or put it on an office desk far away from the display.

LG Cinema Beam TV

LG Cinema Beam TV

While it has been released in Korea for 9million won ($8,300) it is expected to be released in the U.S in March for about $10,000.

LG Korea say that the light source is also more Eco-friendly, taking to being mercury free, and has an extra long life time of over 10,000 hours.

It also features a digital TV tuner, and Smart TV functions, as demonstrated in our own video from CES 2013 below.

The LG Cinema Beam TV has a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, and can accept 1080p HD video via WiDi or Miracast wirelessly from a PC, Smart phone or tablet.

LG can see this being used in commercial installations such as sports bars, and also high end home theaters.

I saw it being used in person at CES 2013, and it handled the bright room conditions very well, showed no signs of keystone distortion, with a crisp image.

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