LG Cloud For Your Smart TV

With cloud storage becoming more popular thanks to faster Internet speeds and more compatible devices, such as smart phones and smart TVs, LG are now getting in on the game.

LG have just launched the “LG Cloud” service which has been especially designed for use with the new LG Smart HDTVs and LG Smart Phones.

Launching on May 1st in the U.S and South Korea, users who sign up early get 50GB of free storage space.

Photos or videos that you take on your smart phone, or upload via your computer to the LG cloud will be available to view almost instantaneously. LG’s service is slightly different to most cloud services, as it is concentrated around media, so rather than having to download videos and photos to watch then, the cloud service streams them directly to your TV.

LG Cloud

LG Cloud

You will also not have to worry about video codecs as the server handles all of that, simply streaming to the device in the best format and resolution. For example media will be streamed to your HDTV in a higher resolution than to your smartphone.

To access the LG Cloud service on your Smart TV or smart phone, simply download the LG Cloud software from Google Play or LG SmartWorld store.

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