LG Cuts Price of Curved OLED TV

LG and Samsung are currently the only two manufactures to have a curved OLED TV on the market, both at 55-inches.

A couple of weeks ago Samsung announced the Samsung KN55S9C, their 55-inch curved OLED to the U.S market, and it arrived at just $9,000, a whole $4,000 cheaper than their original advertised price.

Now LG has announced a similar price cut on their own 55-inch curved OLED TV over in South Korea. With a nearly 30% reduction from 15,000,000 won to 10,900,000 won ($9,788).

LG are currently selling their curved OLED TV in the U.S market for $14,999, a fair leap from Samsung’s pricing, so we’re sure that this recently 30% pricedrop in South Korea will soon find its way over to the U.S and other market.

LG had said that it wasn’t to make OLED TVs more affordable to a winder pool of consumers, which is the exact same reason that Samsung recently stated for their pricedrop.

Both LG and Samsung are hoping to rise production yields for their OLED panels, which would help drive down production costs and the end cost which the customer will face.

LG also recently announced plans to sell their 55-inch curved OLED TV in Germany this week, and the rest of Europe later part of this year. It will be priced at 8,999 Euros in Germany. Via WSJ

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