LG Curved OLED TV Coming Later This Year

LG have just confirmed that we will indeed be seeing their impressive curved OLED TV in stores, and sooner than we would have expected!

HDTV News was actually the very first to break the news of the LG EA9800 curved OLED, after it was accidentally leaked by LG, after a few swift phone calls with LG, we quickly buried this news until LG was ready for the grand announcement, giving us a two hour exclusive on the news.

When the LG curved OLED TV was unveiled, the mere fact that it actually has a proper model number was a clear indication of LG’s intentions. LG had a very impressive lineup of these curved OLED TVs on display at CES 2013 and were praising its enhanced viewing capabilities.

Now three months later, LG have confirmed that their curved OLED TV will in fact be turned in to a production model, and that we can expect to see it “in the second half of this year”.

LG EA9800

LG EA9800 Curved OLED TV

And LG executive said that they are preparing “various types of the curved TV” and that we will not only see the 55-inch model, but larger models as well.

If you’re wondering exactly why a curved OLED TV would be beneficial rather than just “because they can”, it’s all to do with viewing angles and eye strain / immersion.

Sitting directly in front of the TV, your eyes are slightly closer to the middle of the TV, and the sides slightly further away, this can slightly impair the viewing of the TV. The same technology have been applied to cinema screen for many years.

Samsung also had a curved OLED TV on display at CES 2013, but weren’t making so much of a deal about it, and as far as we know, have no plans to turn it into a production model.

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