LG Curved OLED TV EA9800

LG have just announced the world’s first curved OLED TV, the LG EA9800!

While we were hoping and speculating that LG would add to their collection of OLED TVs, after unveiling their first 55-Inch OLED TV at CES 2012 (which went on sale earlier this month), we certainly didn’t expect the to see a curved OLED TV!

The LG EA9800 is a curved TV, gone are the days of a flat screen TV? Now we have curved screen TVs.

But LG aren’t just curving the screen because they can.  Apparently the gentle curve inwards means the entire screen surface is quidistant from the viewer’s eyes.  This removes screen edge visual distortion and detail loss seen on standard flat TVs.

“LG is the first to launch the 55-inch OLED TV,” said Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG’s Home Entertainment Company. “We believe our new OLED TVs offer the ultimate viewing experience, surpassing anything seen before. The new curved model complements our core OLED TV family with a unique design that capitalizes on the thinness of the screen and the aesthetic beauty of OLED TV.”

LG EA9800

LG EA9800 Curved OLED TV

I saw the LG curved OLED TV today at the LG booth, and I must admit the quality of the display was amazing. When you look at the TV front on, it is hard to see the curve of the TV, but as soon as you look at the EA9800 side on, you can’t help but notice just how curved the TV is. It is very noticeable.

Pricing and availability has yet to be announced.

We will bring you more information, photos and our own videos very shortly! Stay tuned!

Update: LG have announced that they will indeed be producing this curved OLED TV and that we can expect it before the end of the year!

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