LG Game World Launches on Smart TVs

Games represent a big portion of the app market on Smartphones and tablets, so it makes sense to see the game app market growing in popularity.

With the advent of Smart TV’s really pushing their way into the TV market this year offering much much more than simply displaying whatever input in plugged into the set, but rather a fully fledged media device.

The next platform for apps look set to be web-connected Smart TVs and for this app market to succeed many believe that a healthy selection of games pushing it forwards will help enforce their success.

LG has just launched their exclusive “Game World” app to their Smart TVs. The Game World will make it easy to download a plethora of games. Both popular games we’re used to seeing on smart phones and tablets, but also games which have been exclusively designed for the LG Game World and LG Smart TVs.

What’s even more exciting is that not only will there be standard 2D games, there will also be a vast amount of 3D games available on the Game World. The majority of the games can be played with the standard LG Magic remote, or even a third party game pad.

LG Game World

LG Game World

The Game World will make it easy for users to browse, search for, play and purchase games

Many industry insiders expect that Web-connected TVs are the next major platform for apps, but they will only succeed if they have a lot of games that people want to play. LG is starting with downloadable casual 3D games in its Game World, which will appear on the South Korean giant’s line of Cinema 3D Smart TV series. Game World is a portal that provides a user-friendly way to search for, purchase, and play game apps — in both 2D and 3D — through an intuitive interface, LG says.

Many of the games can be played with LG’s Magic Remote or with any third-party gamepad. Games will be available in a range of categories such as, action, puzzle, sports, etc along with ranking via a chart, new, and featured.

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