Cheaper LG OLED TVs On Their Way? LG Invest $655 Million

There are currently two new emerging technologies in the TV market. One is 4K / Ultra HD, providing higher resolutions and sharper images, the other is OLED.

OLED TVs provide a much higher image quality than current LED TVs and Plasma HDTVs with more vibrant colours, deeper blacks, and higher contrast ration. They’re also incredibly thin. But unfortunately right now, they’re also incredibly pricey at over $10,000 for a 55-inch OLED TV.

Both LG and Samsung have been locked in an OLED battle since they showed off their first OLED TVs at CES 2012. At this years CES we saw other TV manufacturers join the OLED battle and new models from both Samsung and LG announced for 2013.

LG beat Samsung to the chase by being the first to bring a 55-inch OLED TV to market, but it doesn’t come cheap at over $10,000.

The only way for OLED HDTVs to really take off is by reducing their prices substantially. LG is investing heavily in OLED and driving down the prices. LG have just announced that they will be building a new OLD TV plant / factory in Paju, Seul in South Korea.



As reported by WSJ. They’re investing 706 billion won ($655 million) in to the new 8G (either generation) plant which will be able to produce 26,000 substrates each month. These substrates can then be cut into producing six 55-inch OLED TV panels. Assuming a 100% yield rate, that would enable the plant to produce just over 150,000 OLED TVs each month.

As production climbs and become more efficient, production costs, and resulting consumer costs will fall. LG Display expects the plants mass production to begin in the first half of 2014.

LG say that they will be using WRGB OLED technology, which is claimed to have a longer lifespan the other OLED technologies. LG Electronics owns 38% of LG Display, which was originally created in a joint venture with Philips Electronics.

We saw LG’s OLED TVs in person at CES 2013, and they are simply amazing, with a image quality which blows LED / plasma alternatives out of the water. We simply can’t wait for the prices to start to drop.

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