LG Laser TV

International CES 2013 started out with a bang thanks to tech giant LG Electronics. This morning LG introduced their 100-inch Laser TV (LG HECTO) which offers full HD picture quality with laser-based illumination. Featuring both Smart TV and Digital TV capabilities,  LG’s Laser TV includes an external Ultra Short Throw (UST) projection unit which is capable of displaying images at extremely short distances. And all this in a Full HD 1080p resolution creates what LG calls a “truly cinematic” home theater experience.

“In the coming year LG will continue to introduce the most innovative TV products to provide the best productivity and entertainment experience for our customers,” said by President and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Entertainment, Havis Kwon. “LG’s 100-Inch Laser TV takes projection technology and makes it perfectly suitable for both the board room and the living room.”

LG Laser TV

LG Laser TV

Say good-bye to your old projection set up. Let’s face it, the amount of space needed for your old projection set up made it impractical and even a nuisance for the regular home theater enthusiast. Thanks to LG’s high-contrast images which are displayed on the 100-inch screen, the need to pull your projector as far back to get the largest image possible has become obsolete. However, because of the UST projection unit, this Laser TV allows you to place the lens only 22 inches from the screen. Wait, what? LG’s Laser TV is technically impressive offering Full HD resolution at 1080p and 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. And when it comes to adjusting to darker and lighter environments, this monster renders vivid and crisp images that will definitely make you smile.

View our hands on video of the 100-Inch LG Laser TV from CES 2013.

Going on looks alone, this simplistic masterpiece can be attributed to LG’s Dynamic Arc Design. Coming in at only 5.7 inches in height, this device will fit beautifully into any design concept you might have in mind. This Laser TV also comes complete with two (2) 10W built-in speakers which are embedded in the projection unit. The integration of these speakers allows for the most authentic at home cinema experience.

But what’s more impressive – at least in my opinion –  is that LG has eliminated the need to use those old mercury-based lamps. With the introduction of a laser-based illumination system which utilizes specialized lamps, the LG Laser TV can run for a total of 25,000 hours before those bulbs even need replacing. Impressed much? I am! Talk about LG’s green footprint.

And what use it a new toy without Smart TV capabilities? The Laser TV supports LG’s Smart TV platform, giving you access to many of LG’s top notch features like LG Cloud, Magic Remote, Smart world and support for Intel’s WiDi technology. Simply put: this will turn your Smart TV into a virtual playground.

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