LG’s 2014 4K Ultra TV Lineup: UB9800, UB9500, UB8500

After taking the wraps off of their huge 105-inch curved 4K ultra HD TV, the LG 105UC9, LG have now revealed the rest of their 4K ultra HD TV lineup, and it’s certainly impressive!

The LG UB9800 series is their premium 4K Ultra HD TV lineup, and comes in four sizes, as the 65-inch LG 65UB9800, 79-inch 79UB9800, 84-inch 84UB9800, and the huge 98-inch LG 98UB9800.

All the models in the UBB9800 series feature a “unique proprietary chip” which along with LG’s latest Tru-ULTRA HD Engine Pro enhances the Ultra HD resolution quality and image quality. An upgraded Super Resolution Algorithm provides improved upscalling quality by eliminating common visual errors found in other upscaling systems. 4K Motion estimation motion compensation (MENC) eliminates motion blur and “ensures that 4L content appears lifelike”.

We’re very pleased to hear that the UB9800 4K series have a built in 4K HEVCX 60p decoder. This decoder works with H.264 and HEVC H.265 content at 30p and 60p. This decoder works via inputs from HDMI, USB and LAN.

LG 84UB9800

LG 84UB9800

LG has made use of an Ultra IPS panel with a 3840 x 2160 pixel 4K resoltuion. This IPS panel has very wide viewing angles and superb image quality. LG hasn’t forgotten about the 3D fans, the new models features ULTRA HD CINEMA 3D with Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology with renders 3D images with no cross talk or flicker. They didn’t forget the audio either, and have imaged sound with a collaboration with harman/kardon.

LG 105UC9 (Left) LG 98UB9800 (Right)

LG 105UC9 (Left) LG 98UB9800 (Right)

When it comes to 4K, LG also have their 4K OLED offerings in the form of the 77-inch EC9800 (LG 77EC9800), and EC9700 series available in 55-inches (55EC9700) and 65-inches (65EC9700).

There also also two other LED 4K series, the LG UB9500 series. Available as the 55-inch 55UB9500, and 65-inch 65UB9500. The other is the LG UB8500 series, available as the 49-inch LG 49UB8500, and 55-inch 55UB8500.

LG UB9800 Series

  • LG 65UB9800 | 65-inch
  • LG 79UB9800 | 79-inch
  • LG 84UB9800 | 84-inch
  • LG 98UB9800 | 98-inch

LG UB9500 Series

  • LG 55UB9500 | 55-inch
  • LG 65UB9500 | 65-inch

LG UB8500 Series

  • LG 49UB8500 | 49-Inch
  • LG 55UB8500 | 55-Inch

LG EC9800 (4K OLED)

  • LG 77EC9800

LG EC9700 (4K OLED)

  • LG 55EC9700
  • LG 65EC9700

Pricing, release date and videos to come soon!

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