LG LMG860, LMG620 Google TV

LG has been teasing their upcoming Google TV / Smart TV for a few weeks now, but only today as CES 2012 kicks off into full swing have the released some more information, including the model names.

The LG LMG860 and LG LMG620 are the two model names for their upcoming “Smart TV” line which features Google TV. While we now know the models names, we unfortunately don’t know the prices or release dates just yet (just that they will be available in the US this year). We’re hoping LG will provide us with this information in the next day or two.

The LG LMG620 and LMG860 aren’t just Smart TVs with Google TV, they are also 3DTVs featuring LG’s CINEMA 3D technology which makes use of FRP technology, meaning that more affordable, lighter 3D glasses can be used, rather than shutter glasses. This also results in flicker 3D viewing. There is also a 2D to 3D option with user adjustable depth.


LG LMG860 / LMG620

Both are LED backlit and have a full 1080p resolution. The easy to use and navigate user interface is claimed to be its strongest feature, and can be navigated though LG’s interface of via the Standard Google TV interface.  It comes with a special remote control which combines both the Magic Remote simplicity with that of an integrated QWERTY keyboard.  This makes it very easy to access and navigate the vast collection of Google content, TV services and apps via the Android Market.

LG 55LMG620

LG 55LMG620

Update: The 47-inch LG 47LMG620, and 55-inch LG 55LMG620 are now available to pre-order on Amazon and come with 6-pairs of 3D glasses.

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