LG New Ultra HD TVs

LG have increased their lineup of ULtra HD TVs to 16 models, more than doubling their lineup with their latest releases.

Their latest 4K Ultra HDTVs will be available fourth quarter this year and range from 40-inches all the way up to 105-inches. Along with a wise size range, there is also a very wide price range. From just $999, all the way up to $99,999.99. Yes you did read that right! Thats 100 grand. But if money is no object, you really can’t get much more impressive than the 105-inch LG 105UC9!

For the rest of us in the real world, we’re now starting to see decent 4K TVs at very reasonable prices, being able to pick up a major brand Ultra HD TV for just shy of $1000 is great to see.

LG’s latest “entry level” Ultra HDTVs start with the 40-inch LG 40UB8000 at $999, next up is the UB8200 series which runs up to the 60-inch 60UB8200 for $2,499. It’s great to see that LG’s whole range make use of IPS panels for better viewing angles and image quality than non IPS LCD panels. Also they all make use of the latest HDMI standard and include a h.265 decoder.

This H.265 decoder can decode Ultra HD content whether it’s received from an Internet stream, HDMI or even USB input.

All of LG’s 2014 Ultra HD TVs also all include Internet connectivity bringing with it Smart TV+ webOS.  LG say that it is easier to find and move between content options at speed.  This of course also brings streaming services and Internet content such as Netfluix, YouTube, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant video.   LG Say that to stream 4K content you will need and Internet connection of at least 20mbps.

LG ultra HDTV

LG ultra HDTV

LG UC9 Series

105-inch LG 105UC9, $99,999.99

UB9800 Series

  • 98-inch LG 98UB9800, $39,999.99
  • 84-inch LG 84UB9800, $9,999.99
  • 79-inch LG 79UB9800, $7,999.99
  • 65-inch LG 65UB9800, $4,499.99

UB9500 Series

  • 65-inch LG 65UB9500, $3,499.99
  • 55-inch LG 55UB9500, $2,499.99


65-inch LG 65UB9200, $2,999.99

UB8500 Series

  • 55-inch LG 55UB8500, $1,999.99
  • 49-inch LG 49UB8500, $1,499.99

UB8200 Series

  • 60-inch LG 60UB8200, $2,499.99
  • 55-inch LG 55UB8200, $1,799.99
  • 49-inch LG 49UB8200, $1,349.99

UB8000 Series

40-inch LG 40UB8000, $999.99

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