Over the last couple of weeks we have been posting intently about the 55-inch OLED beauty which LG has slowly been feeding us information on.

During a fairly average press conference at CES 2012, LG grabbed everyones attention by unveiling their latest and greatest 55-inch OLED HDTV. The “world’s biggest” OLED stole the show and apparently there was a genuine gasp as the wafer thin OLED HDTV was uncovered.

Engadget was at the LG Press event, where they described it as a thing of beauty even from the back of the room. They say that it is still in fairly early stages, but the “ultra definition” that LG have spoken about is very clear, especially when viewing up close. They describe it as if you were “looking out of a window”, saying it is crazy sharp.



They were also very impressed by the size of it. The large 55-inch OLED display is only 5mm thick, and has a very impressively thin bezel wrapped around it.

We’re sure we will see more of the 55-Inch OLED HDTV, which we believe to have the model name LG 55EM9600. But there has been no word on pricing of release dates just yet. But we will be sure to hound LG for this information.

Via Engadget

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