LG MT93 Personal Smart TV Monitor

LG have just officially announced the LG MT93, aka the LG Personal Smart TV Monitor.

The new 27-inch LG IPS Personal Smart TV monitor, to use it’s full name, is a monitor / TV with a high quality 27-inch IPS LCD panel which has been designed to combine the best from a PC monitor, and the best from what you would find on a larger Smart TV in one unit.

Unveiled at CES 2013, we were sure to catch it on film for you guys, and were even provided our own hands on demonstration from the LG staff, so be sure to check out that video below, which goes though its various features.

It’s perfectly suited for college students in a dorm, a studio apartment, home office, or bedroom. The LG MT93 Personal smart TV has been officially launched in Europe, but as I filmed it at CES 2013 a couple of months ago in Las Vegas in sure it’s also headed for a U.S release. Right now we have no dates for the U.S market, and it might appear with a slightly different model name.

The LG MT93 can be used as a PC monitor and hooked up via HDMI input (can use DVI -> HDMI if needed) and offers great viewing angles and contrast ratios thanks to its IPS LCD panel.

LG MT93 Personal Smart TV

LG MT93 Personal Smart TV

The 27-inch monitor / smart TV, is also packed with all of the latest features that you would expect to find in a larger, modern smart TV from LG. It makes use of the latest LG Smart TV platform with app support (Netflix, 3D world, Hulu, Facebook etc), 3D capability, and even comes with two pairs of Cinema 3D Glasses. It also comes with LG’s latest Magic remote which will control a pointer on the screen by moving the remote, without the need of pointing it at the display, along with voice recognition. Be sure to check out the video for this!

The MT93 also supports picture in picture support, so you could be browsing facebook, while watching your latest shows.

The personal Smart TV also includes content sharing and screen mirroring support via both WiDi and Miracast! Mobile high-definition link (MHL) is also supported, allowing you to display smartphone content, play games, and charge your phone at the same time.

Tech spec time: The LG MT93 has a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, IPS / 3D display, 250nits brightness, GTG response time of 5ms. WiFi, Miracast, WiDi, 2x HDMI inputs, composite, component, 3x USB (mouse keyboard etc) LAN, and 2x 7W speakers with 3D sound zooming.

Finally, it’s finished with a very stylish and slim CINEMA SCREEN design. I wish this was available when I was at college! Maybe I’ll get one for the bedroom.

LG Personal Smart TV Hands on video

No word on pricing just yet, but I’m sure we will find out soon as it’s being released this month (March 2013).

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