LG Smart TVs Get GameNow Cloud Gaming

E3 is just kicking off in LA and we have already had our first big Smart TV related news come flying into our inbox.

LG has teamed up with Ubitus, and they have announced that their “GameNow” cloud gaming solution will be available on LG’s latest lineup of Smart TVs. Anyone who has purchased or purchases a new LG Smart TV model in the U.S will be able to access the Game Now service straight away.

The GameNow app that can downloaded to your LG Smart TV from LG Smart World allowing yo to play console quality video games on demand, including such games as Street Fighter X Tekken and Batman: Arkham City.

You can currently sign up for a free beta trial of GameNow service for “high-end LG Smart TVs”. From looking at the official GameNow site is lists the LG LA7900, LA8600, LA9600, but the press release also states that the service will be available for the “entire 2013 LG Smart TV lineup will be launched in the near future“.

Rather than having a decided games console around your house, and buying physical games, you can now stream games over the Internet directly on to the LG Smart TV.

LG Smart TV GameNow

LG Smart TV GameNow

It looks and sounds a lot like the onlive cloud gaming service that we saw LG demonstrating on their Google Smart TVs at CES 2013. I guess this shows that LG has a new partnership with Ubitus and GameNow which covers their standard Smart TVs, rather than just the Google TVs.

Wesley Kuo, CEO of Ubitus says “We believe consumers will be amazed at how effortless it is to enjoy console-quality games directly and instantly on their LG Smart TVs. Select, click and ready to play, just like the way they’ve been enjoying video-on-demand services.”

It looks like the following gamePads will work with GameNow and LG’s 2013 Smart TVs: Logitech F310, F510, F710, Rumble-Pad2, and-Joytron Rumble Power, Rumble Power2.

We can’t wait to try it out ourselves!

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