LG To Use WebOS In Future Smart TVs

LG has just made it official that they have purchased WebOS from HP, and plans on using the OS for its future Smart TVs.

LG are investing heavily in their TV business, investing $655 million on a new OLED plant, and now the purchase of WebOS.

The purchase agreement includes acquiring the source code, documentation, related websites associated with webOS, and the engineering talent. LG will also receive the license, and patents acquired from Palm covering the operating system and interface technologies.

So what does this mean for LG, and us? Well, don’t expect to see any webOS powered LG Smart TVs until 2014, so don’t let that put you off looking at that newly announced 2013 models.

As people look to upgrade their HDTVs / TVs, the Smart TV platform and features are now an important selling point to many people, so LG wants to use the WebOS platform to secure themselves as a leader in the Smart TV game.

LG WebOS Smart TV

LG WebOS Smart TV

LG say: “The open and transparent webOS technology offers a compelling user experience that, when combined with our own technology, will pave the way for future innovations using the latest Web technologies.”

The WebOS system is based on “Internet apps” that can work across different devices, but it looks like LG only has plans for using it in their Smart TVs. Enyo has been reported to be producing apps for Netflix, YouTube and others. In the agreement LG assumes stewardship of the Open WebOS and Enyo.

Although the deal is solely for LG. LG is also part of the “Smart TV alliance” that also contains Philips, Panasonic, Sharp, Toshiba, Loewe, and Bang & Olufsen.

We’re excited to see the Smart TV sector being pushed forwards even further, and we look forward to following LG and their work with WebOS.

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