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2014 Black Friday 4K Ultra HD TV Deals

It’s that time of year again! Time to eat a lot of turkey, and save a lot of money on 4K HD TV black Friday deals!

This is the first year that we have started to see some really decent deals on 4K TVs, and curved HDTV, of course along with standard HD TVs.

Now that Ultra HD TVs are becoming more mainstream, we can finally see them at decent prices.

Rather than sitting outside in a tent for days trying to get a great black Friday deal, you can often find amazing deals online, and order while eating thanks giving left overs!

Amazon is out usual place to hunt for the best deals, and they haven’t disappointed! They have a weeks work of black Friday deals, especially on Samsung models saving up to 45%!

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Netflix 4k

Netflix 4K Streaming now Live

Netflix has announced that is has now begun streaming some of its video on demand content in glorious 4K.

We have been flowing Netflix and their 4K streaming adventure since 2013 when they were showing off demos of it at CES 2013.  Earlier in the year they also showed it once again at CES 2014, and added a few test streams to their platform.

This is the first time that Netflix have added any “real” 4K content to the collection. You can watch the fourth season of House of Cards in 4K, along with a number of 4K documentaries.

If you’re lucky enough to own a 4K TV, don’t get too excited just yet.  To be able to view these 4K stream you will need a 2014 4K TV, or more specifically a 4K TV that has built in H.265/HEVC decoding.  The 4K streams make use of this new format to be able to compress all of those pixels into a 15 Mbps stream.

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CES 2014

CES 2014 TV Announcements (OLED, 4K, HDTV)

It’s that time of year yet again! And the HDTV News team are here in Las Vegas to cover every last detail of CES 2014!

As I’m sure you know all too well, this is the time of year where 95% of all new TVs and home theater produces are announced and shown off to the world.

We can expect most of the new OLED TVs, 4K Ultra HDTVs, and good old HDTVs to be announced at the press conferences today (Monday 6th Jan), but a number have already been announced. All will be detailed below in our overall CES 2014 post here.

We will be unleashed to roam around the show room floor from Tuesday where we have a number of booth tours scheduled with all the leading manufacturers, where we will be filming everything for our popular HDTV News YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe there for all the best CES 2014 video coverage! Click “Read More” below.

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LG Curved OLED

Flexible OLED TVs at CES 2014? [Confirmed]

We’re now just one month away from CES 2014, which kicks off in Vegas in early January. We of course will be there with our cameras rolling covering the event in detail.

We’re hearing exciting rumors that Samsung and also LG will be showing off a new form of TV technology with a remote controlled flexible OLED TV!

Last year both LG and Samsung wowed with world with their curved OLED TVs (video). Since then we have seen LG bring their 55-inch curved OLED TV to the market, with 77-inch 4K and larger sized models planned.

We also saw a number of companies show off small flexible OLED screens (see video here).

Right now manufacturers are stuck between making both traditional “flat” OLED TVs, and curved OLED TVs, but with a controllable flexible OLED TV you would appear to be able to have the best of both worlds. You can apparently controlled just how curved the screen is by adjusting it with remote control.

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cyber monday

Cyber Monday HDTV Deals

Now that thanks giving and Black Friday are out of the way, it’s now time for Cyber Monday!

While you can of course get great deals on HDTVs on the street and also online, Cyber Monday is reserved exclusively for online deals!  While right now we have the best cyber Monday deals, Amazon are also running a Cyber Monday deals week, which as you probably guessed, runs all week long!

As these deals are changing all of the time, it’s not worth listing them all out here, so we recommend that you click over to the dedicated Amazon page here and check out all of the deals!

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Samsung F9000

4K Ultra HD TV Black Friday Deals! (Save up to 62%!)

While looking around for the best HD TV Black Friday deals, we found Amazon’s page listing their amazing deals on a big selection of 4K Ultra HDTVs!

Frankly, we were quite surprised by the deals, saving up to 62%! So if you’re looking for getting a 4K TV and a great price, we have found the page for you!

All of the popular Ultra HD TVs are on offer, including the most popular Samsung F9000 4K series where it’s currently available for less than $3000, saving a massive 54%.

Toshiba’s 4K offerings are also available at a great Black Friday deal with 62% off saving $4,300!

Sony’s and LG’s 4K Ultra HDTVs are also currently on offer for about 30% off!  Click the image below for the whole selection of 4K deals!

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2013 black friday

Black Friday HDTV Deals

Black Friday deals start earlier and earlier every year, with some brick and mortar stores now even starting the day before on Thanksgiving. Of course the smartest way to do it is to just shop the black Friday sales online.

Not only will you avoid the crazy lines and masses of people, but you will normally also find yourself better deals online.

Okay now down the the great 2013 HD TV black Friday deals!

We have been collecting all of the best deals online for you, and as always, Amazon seem to be offering the best and most drastic deals! They have officially teamed up with Samsung and are able to offer savings of up to 50% off! We’re confident that you won’t find a better deal online, or at a physical store.

Amazon have their Samsung HD TV Black Friday deals on two organized pages. Both are active.

The “Samsung Black Friday” savings page, and the “Samsung Black Friday Week Sales” page, the second seems to have more deals listed, and is sortable by screen size.

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CES 2014 Innovations Awards and Honorees Announced

The CEA have just announced all of the winners and honorees for their CES 2014 Innovation awards.

Every year just a couple of months before CES, which is held in early January, they announce their winners and honorees. If we’re lucky we get to hear about a number of products which have yet to be announced by the manufactures, as the CEA get a sneakpeek at the upcoming products which will be on display at CES 2014.

My email blew up with numerous emails from manufacturers proudly announcing their wins.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like these awards have revealed any exciting unknown products, but it’s great to see the CEA value in “honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer electronics products.”

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Netflix 4k

Netflix Adds 4K Test Videos

Netflix have quietly added a number of 4K test videos to their service over the past week.

It has been no secret that Netflix want to be one of the very first to offer a 4K streaming service the the market. While we were at CES 2013 back in January Netflix were showing off their 4K streaming service on a Samsung TV [Video].

Netflix has also said that they hope to launch their 4K sometime next year, and it looks like with this test they’re getting a step closer. There are current 6 4K UHD clips available to access, they range from 24fps to 60fps.

If you have access the Netflix US, you can view these 4K clips here.

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HDTV News YouTube Channel Trailer

Here at HDTV News we’re proud to offer the most in depth video coverage when it comes to TV tech and all things home theater, whether it be the latest Smart TV lineup, 4K TVs, curved OLED TVs and more.

We don’t just attend the press events and re-write the provided press releases, we go the extra mile and capture the whole event as best we can to bring it to our readers.

As well as covering the major trade events such as CES, we also cover (and film) the smaller product launch events thrown by the individual manufactures. We have coverage from the U.S, England, Denmark and Germany.

Along with the press events we also have a growing number of popular TV video reviews.

Checkout our short HDTV News YouTube trailer below, and please be sure to subscribe! We currently have over 60 videos online and we’re constantly adding to it.

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