100 GB 4K Blu-Ray Discs

Singulus, a manufacturer of optical disc replication equipment has potentially leaked what looks to be the next generation of blu-ray discs. They have announced their BLULINE III machine which is capable of replication triple layer next generation blu-ray dics which can hold 100GB of data.

New data compression methods have allowed 33GB of data per layer, rather than 25GB, resulting in a new disc which can hold 100GB, rather than the previous 50GB.

The intention of the disc seems pretty clear by Singlus, as they state “Only Blu-ray Discs with these [100GB] capacities will enable movie experiences in the new ultra high definition format 4K in “movie quality” in the future.”

Many people have doubted that there would be a physical 4K disc format, but this this news it seems pretty clear that steps are being taken towards this. I’m pretty sure that we will hear official news from BDA at some point soon.



Just a few days ago, Sony launched their 4K Video unlimited service in the U.S, which enables you to rent and buy 4K TV shows and movies. This is currently the only way to get 4K content. At CES 2013 we saw Netflix showing off a demo 4K video stream, be sure to watch our video of it here.

There has also been larger blu-ray discs available, such as the 128GB BDXL format disc, there aren’t any for mass distribution holiday films.

There is currently no word on which format / codec the new 4k blu-ray disc will use, either it will be the current h.264 codec, or the new high compression h.265 codec, but either way, with 100GB of space either codec should be able to deliver supreme 4K quality.

If you remember a few months back, Sony and Panasonic announced a new 300GB optical disc format, but this seems to be marketed purely for archival purposes. Via Cnet

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