2012 Apple TV Supports 1080p & New Interface

While the new iPad 3 might be stealing all of the attention, Apple also made another announcement.

The new Apple TV, the third generation model, or 2012 model, but not the “Apple TV 3” has gained 1080p output and playback support, along with a new interface.

Apart from that, the device hasn’t really changed all that much. It is now powered by the Apple A5 chip, rather than the A4. Netflix also announced that the new Apple TV will be able to provide 1080p playback of their content along with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound.

Apple has also improved the integration, allowing you to sign up right from the device, and also pay directly through your iTunes account.

Apple TV 2012

Apple TV 2012

If you don’t own one of the fancy new “Smart TVs” with built in WiFi and app support, adding an Apple TV device to your home setup will make it a whole lot “smarter”.

If you already own an older Apple TV, they will soon be able to update it to the new interface gaining all the new features, expect of course, 1080p playback. For Full HD 1080p, you will have to fork out $99 for the new model. It will be available from March 16th.

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