Sony and Panasonic Developing 300GB 4K Disc

4K TVs are well and truly here, with Sony, Samsung, LG and others currently selling their 4K Ultra HDTVs at prices of around $5,000 for a 55-inch model.

But people always come back to the same problem, where is the 4K content?

Well it looks like Sony and Panasonic have joined forces to work on a brand new physical disc format which will store 300GB of data, more than enough to store a 4K movie on in high bitrate.

Many say that the need for a physical disc format is over, especially with high speed Internet devices and cloud storage. Currently the best way to get 4K content is from Sony’s 4K Media player & Video Unlimited 4K service.

4k blu ray

4k blu ray

Sony and Panasonic say that the disc format is being designed for professionals, but they haven’t ruled out a consumer version of the high capacity disc.

Don’t go expecting anything too soon though, as they say they expect the format to be ready by late 2015. By that rate I’m sure 4K Ultra HD streaming would have taken off to be pretty mainstream by then.

There are of course blu-ray discs that are “Mastered in 4K”, while these are an improvement over standard blu-rays, they’re still at 1080p HD resolution.

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