Amazon Kindle TV Box Streamer Coming Our Way

Amazon is said to be making their way in the TV box streamer market. While you can already gain access to Amazon Instant Video service on a number of existing set top boxes such as the Roku and other similar devices, it looks like amazon wants to make their own devices, allowing them to put their content right up there in front of their competing services.

Amazon have been expanding their video on demand store, and their Instant video service, both of which will be accessible from the device according to Bloomberg businessweek have been talking to three people who are familiar with the project.

The jump in to the TV streaming box seems a logical to further benefit their media push, gaining on the momentum gained from the Kindle Fire tablet devices and app support on other devices such as Roku, Apple TV and more.

Details of the physical device are scarce, but we’re told the set-top box is being developed by Amazon’s Lab126 division in Cupertino, California. The project is being lead by Malachy Moynihan, a former vice president of emerging video product at Cisco systems.

As well as expaning their hardware steaming side of the market, Amazon’s video streaming service continues to grow at a very fast pace. They have recently introduced 14 television pilots which it financed, and will turn one into a full series. It also has exclusive streaming rights to a number of hit shows.

One thing which is currently unknown, is weather the device will offer other streaming services such at Netflix etc, or whether they will keep it exclusively to their own content. Personally I think they will have to offer the other services (or people won’t buy their device), and just put their own content upfront and most accessible. Unless they sell it at a ridiculous low price of course!

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