World’s Largest OLED TV Panel: AUO 65-Inch

AUO have announced at the SID Display week their 65-inch Full HD OLED panel technology.

This would make it the world’s largest Full HD OLED panel which would make an absolutely beautiful OLED TV!

Currently OLED TV’s are so expensive due to their low successful yield rates. Achieving a higher yield rate would vast reduce the prices. As I’m sure you’re aware, LG have got their 55-inch OLED TV to market (view our hands on video here), and have also announced that they will soon be shipping their curved OLED TVs very soon. But Samsung on the other hand have yet to ship any out to customers.

The AUO 65-inch AMOLED TV panel is formed from advanced metal oxide TFT backplane and the worldwide largest Generation 6 full-size Fine Metal Mask (FMM) OLED evaporation technology.

AUO say that they achieve excellent uniformity of metal oxide TFT and panel without the color mixing by FMM technology. Complicated stuff, so if you understand all of that, well done to you! It also has embedded the self-invention pixel compensation driving technology, which is said to improve the performance.

Along with low power consumption and high picture quality, it also boasts high brightness, fast response times, high contrast and free viewing angle.

I’m sure a lot of that most users won’t understand, and to be honest, we didn’t get all of it, but we know that more news in the development of more, and larger OLED TV panels is a very good thing. We’re sure this development will lead to larger OLED TVs in the near future. If we’re lucky we might even see some at next years CES!

If you’re wondering who AUO are, they co-developed Sony’s 4K OLED TV which amazed us and everyone else at CES 2013!

Source: AUO Press

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