AUO Joins Sharp With IGZO: 65-inch 4K TV

While most of the world are clearly looking directly at OLED panels as the new display technology to come our way, replacing LCD and plasma panels, there is a lesser known new technology which could get to the mainstream faster.

Both the Samsung and LG OLED HDTVs that were promised us earlier in the year have so far failed to meet their release target date.

IGZO (Indium gallium zinc oxide) LCD panels have been developed by Jusung Engineering, and offer 40x higher electron mobility than standard amorphous silicon. This allows for ever smaller pixels for higher DPI and resolutions along with a faster reaction speed for the screen and lower power usage.

Sharp have already announced that they are using IGZO technology in some of the panels and have announced a 32-Inch panel with a 3840×2160 pixel resolution.

Taiwanese firm AUO have just blown Sharp out of the water by announcing a 65-Inch TV with a 4K resolution. If you don’t know who AUO is, you know their products are of very high quality, as the newly announced iPad Mini makes use of panels provided by AUO.

AUO IGZO 65-inch 4K TV

AUO IGZO 65-inch 4K TV

Along with the 65-Inch 4K which has a thinner, lighter and lower power usage than others offerings, they also have a 55-Inch 4K model, and a 50-Inch with a more standard 1080p resolution. The 50-Inch model has a super slim 0.14-Inch bezel.

The 55-Inch 4K model features a wide color gamut technology for color saturation reaching NTSC 96%

With large sized OLED HDTVs yet to truyely come our way, and with hefty price tags, I have a feeling we could be seeing IGZO used as a stepping stone to the technology. In this Eco-friendly time, with larger and larger TVs becoming the norm, the green advantages along make the IGZO technology appealing.

It’s good to see that Sharp isn’t alone in the IGZO TV territory, are hopefully this will drive the technology forwards.

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