Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 11 Launch Event

Bang & Olufsen have today announced to the world at an exclusive press event in the home country of Denmark their latest TV which they claim is their “most inclusive and ambitious television to date”.

The Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 11 is their very first Smart TV and it builds upon their popular BeoVision 10 design.

B&O were very keen to point out, that while on the outside the design is definitely a deliberate evolution on from their BeoVision 10 model, the interior technology is a revolution.

President and CEO, Tue Mantoni that things of beauty should be presented like a picture, and that was the original inspiration for the BeoVision. It was also compared to the BMW 5 series, how the design similarities could be seen through the generations, but the internals were very much different.

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 11

Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 11

The Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 11 will be available immediately in 40-Inch, 46-Inch and 55-Inch sizes, with a starting price of EUR 5,995 / USD 5,995 / GBP 4,995.

Just as with the previous version, the speaker grill colors are customize able. Available in red, blue, white, black, silver and dark grey. Grey is the standard, other colors can be purchased separately. The cabinet is available in black and white, and the frame in either black or natural aluminium. The designers say that the frame takes the color from around the room, almost making it invisible, and making the TV look thinner.

Smart TV

While other manufactures were quick to jump on the Smart TV bandwagon B&O have been slower to make a move, but with the Olufsen BeoVision 11 they have now joined in on the fun.

While not specifically stated at the launch, I was lucky enough to be granted an interview (will be posted shortly) with CEO Tue Mantoni, and he confirmed (as rumored) that the platform was based on the Smart TV alliance group, with their own B&O feel for the interface.

The Smart TV interface looked nice and clean, with the apps down the bottom part of the screen, and the Live TV preview on the top left hand side. Right now there is YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and a number of others, but I didn’t see any sign of Netflix, or Hulu. But B&O said that it is region dependent and more will be added over time. Ethernet and WiFi are built in.

DLNA is supported with many advanced codec formats. Along with the ability to “push” content from another device such as a smart phone or tablet. Bang & Olufsen demonstrated this working very well.

There are 6 X HDMI inputs, and event a dedicated space inside the cabinet for placement on an Apple TV.

The Built in 500GB hard drive. This allows you to record upto two programs at the same time, and also enables time shifting, where you can rewind or pause the live TV. Hybrid broadband TV (HbbTV) is also supported.


The Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 11 is sourced from Samsung, and is edge LED lit, with 1.5 D local dimming. It has a 200Hz / 240Hz refresh rate, and a new 360° Automatic Picture Control. This takes light reading from 360 degrees, rather than just the front. This provides better viewing if there is a bright light source such as a window behind the TV.

From what we saw at the launch event, the video quality looked very impressive, with very vibrant, high contrast images, which very good motion handling.

BeoVision 11 Mount

BeoVision 11 Mount

The BeoVision 11 is also a 3D TV and makes use of active 3D technology. B&O said they are using a new glass technology which works very well with 3D, and admitted that the previous version has some problems.

B&O said that gaming had been much improved, with much reduced lag, and even had a live demonstration and allowed guests to play a racing game via PS3 on the TV. The lag was my only complaint when I review the BeoPlay V1.


Bang and Olufsen are known for their class leading sound. I frequently heard them saying “sound is half the picture” and I do tend to believe them. We were shown a demonstration of the BeoVision 11’s audio power both by its self, and connected to a number of B&O speakers, and was beyond impressed with both. The BeoVision 11 has new video and audio processing, and can down mix automatically and intelligently to the correct number of channel that TV is connected to. If using other B&O hardware, it even knows to provide more bass to the more bass powerful speakers connected.

Specification wise, both the left and right channels feature: 1 x 2” midrange, 1 x ¾ tweeter; closed cabinet; both powered by separate 32 watt Class D ICEpower amplifiers, and 2 x 4-Inch woofers powered by a separate 32 watt Class D ICEpower amplifier.

Finally, Bang & Olufsen are even going all out on the mount options. There is a motorized floor stand, which allows you to turn the TV to either side using the remote control. A motorized wall mount, which allows you to set the TV at upto 90 degrees using the remote. And then there is the standard wall bracket with manual turn, and an easel stand, which angles the TV back at a slight angle, similar to as seen in your BeoPlay V1 review.

We’re at Bang & Olufsen’s flagship store tomorrow, so be sure to check back for our detailed hands on! We will also be publishing our review with CES Tue Mantoni very soon.

Be sure to view Tue Mantoni’s full launch speech below!

Update: We have now published out exclusive hands on video of the BeoVision 11!

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