Beoplay V1 HDTV Announced

Just last week the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay range was leaked by a Danish website. Of most interest to us was the Beoplay V1 32, and 40-Inch HDTVs, which have now been officially announced by B&O.

The B&O Beoplay V1 has been designed by Anders Hermansen, who has given the V1 a stylish and industrial design. Unlike most HDTVs, Bang & Olufsen have given the V1 four separate mounting solutions; wall, ceiling, floor and table, along with a number of color customizations. B&O aim to make the V1 fit well in any situation and environment. The V1 itself will be available in black and white color options, with a metal finish. The speaker grill is customizable by the users, who can select from red, yellow, green, silver, and dark blue color options.

Beoplay V1

Beoplay V1

Bang & Olufsen have given the Beoplay V1 an impressive sound system to match the impressive video, and say they believe audio to be just as important as high quality images.

Both the 32-inch and 40-inch models make use of a 1080p LED panel which is LED edgelit and has a 100 / 120Hz refresh rate. The V1 makes use of the “VisionClear” image processor along with an optical light sensor to deliver the very best in image quality.

From the official tech specifications page, we have found the following model numbers: Beoplay V1 32-EU, Beoplay V1 32-PUC, Beoplay V1 40-EU and Beoplay V1 40-PUC. We can only assume the PUC models are for the U.S while the EU are for European markets.

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