B&O BeoPlay V1 Adds Smart TV Functions, HbbTV & BeoRemote

Bang & Olufsen have been very busy of late, as if releasing their first Smart TV (the BeoVision 11) last month wasn’t enough, they’ve now offering an upgrade / add-on to the BeoPlay V1 TV, which we weren’t even aware was upgradeable!

When I reviewed the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay V1 HDTV back in May earlier this year, while it was a very impressive HDTV no doubt, it was behind the other current batch of TVs in terms of Smart TV technology. While it did offer DNLA media streaming from your home network and WiFi, there was no Smart TV / app support as we know and love from other manufactures such as Samsung and Sony.

BeoPlay V1

BeoPlay V1

Less than a month after announcing the BeoVision 11, their first Smart TV, Bang & Olufsen have announced they’re making available a 100 Euro Smart TV module than than upgrade the V1 and add Smart TV functions with app support adding YouTube etc. We can only imagine that it will be very identical if, not exactly the same as in their BeoVision 11.

To get an idea of what to expect, watch my hands on video below showing the Smart TV functions on the BeoVision 11. Skip to 6:20.

Available via network update, BeoRemote app support is added. This free update will allow you to control the BeoPlay V1 from using your Apple iPad / iPhone or Andriod as a remote control.

Along with the BeoRemote app, they have also added HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) support. HbbTV is now available in select European countries, including their home country, Denmark.

To update your BeoPlay V1, simply to go the update option in the menu.

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  1. i bought code for upgrade my beoplay v-1 40 in to smart tv but i do not how to do, could you please help me