Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 11 Hands On Video

If you keep up to date with HDTV News you’ll be aware that Bang & Olufsen recently unveiled their latest and “most ambitious TV to date” the BeoVision 11 with great fan fare at their launch event, which we covered.

As well as being lucky enough to attend the launch event, we were also invited the next day to their flagship store in Copenhagen to spend some quality time with the BeoVisioon 11.

We’re proud to bring you the most in depth hands on video of the BeoVision 11, as demonstrated exclusively to us by the very designers.

In the hands on video we cover the design of the Bang & Olufsen BeoVision 11, with its new features such as the 360 degree light sensor, a detailed look at the new Smart TV functions, DLNA playback, “pushing” media from a tablet or smart phone, and the new very impressive silent motorized wall mount.


It is obvious from the first moment that you see the BeoVision 11 that it takes the basis of its good looks from the BeoVision 10. The design has been tweaked or “evolved” as B&O like to say. The bezel is now slimmer and makes use of a design which reflects light back and forward to take on the room color and make the TV appear thinner. The speaker grill is also slimmer, and the 360 light sensor has been added to the top right. For details on the design and connectivity be sure to view the video above.

It is a very beautiful TV for sure, and looks amazing in person with excellent build quality. It is very easy to change the speaker grill cover, and hide away an Apple TV device along with the typical mess of connections and cables.

There is a neat little port at the top back of the TV that opens up at a press revealing useful connections such as USB and HDMI, and then closes shut leaving it with a nice and flush finish.

Smart TV Platform

This is Bang & Olufsen’s very first Smart TV. The Smart TV platform, which is based on the Smart TV Alliance is very clean and simple to use. A TV preview is shown on the top left with the apps at the bottom. The recording and “Time Shifting” functions are simple and effective and make us of the built in 500GB hard drive.. For more on this read the launch post.

When asked if popular apps such as Netflix will be added, the answer was yes. This is of course region dependent.

Picture / Sound Performance

While we weren’t able to study the picture quality in any detail while we were there, from what we did see we were very impressed. The TV makes use of edge LED lighting and makes use of the highest quality panel. While the external design of the BV11 haven’t changed much, we’re assured that the insides are all very different indeed. Both the audio and video hardware has all been redesigned. We didn’t notice any problems with image quality or any errors, and the brightness was very impressive, no doubt enhanced by the new 360 degree light sensor.

As expected, the sound is very impressive indeed, and far superior to anything on the market by other manufacturers. Most are using rear firing speakers, where as the BeoVision 11 makes use of front facing speakers. The sound is rich, warm and powerful, and has been worked on by B&O dedicated “Tone Master” to get the very best out of it.

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