CES 2012 HDTVs

Officially kicking off tomorrow is CES 2012.  The Consumer Electronics Show is the busiest time of year for HDTV manufacturers, and this year, HDTVs have been tipped to steal the show!

Every year manufacturers of HDTV seem to be pushing something new, at least years CES, it was mostly all about 3DTVs, and the year before, about thinner HDTVs. Each year is different. So what can we expect to see this year?

This year the big manufacturers seem to have gotten a little too excited and couldn’t help but announce a number of their big HDTVs ahead of CES. Using this as a guide, I predict that for CES 2012 we’re going to see a number of OLED HDTVs, 4K HDTVs, Smart HDTV / Google TV and maybe even a glasses Free 3D TV or two.

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CES 2012 HDTVs

CES 2012 HDTVs

I will keep this article updated with all the CES 2012 HDTV announcements as they come in, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly though out this week. CES 2012 runs from Tuesday 10th of January 2012, and runs until Friday the 13th, but we tend to see most things announced during the first day.

CES 2012 HDTV Announcements by Manufacturer:

LG HDTV Announcements

Samsung HDTV Announcements

Sony HDTV Announcements

Panasonic HDTV Announcements

General CES 2012 HDTV News

Check back regularly as we will be updating this articles as CES 2012 progresses.

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