CES 2013 Predictions

CES 2013 is now just a little over a month away, and we can already sense the buzz of the biggest consumer electronics event in the world.

We already have a lot of emails and invites flying around the place with everyone fighting for attention and coverage.

I can’t help but imagine and predict what we’re going to see at CES 2013.

Each year we normally see somewhat of a trend, bigger TVs, slimmer TVs, 3D TVs, Smart TV, OLED TVs, what will it be this year? One thing we can be sure of is it will be very exciting!

And of course, we always get the competition and one ups which drive the technology forwards. Last year we had two different brands both claiming the worlds biggest 55-Inch OLED TV.

Right now there are some things I know for certain.ces 2013

Samsung are going to launch an 85-Inch Ultra HD TV. Which should make it the world’s largest, beating the current 84-inch models. Good old fashioned one upping!

We’re going to see more competition in the 4K Ultra HD market. Hisense have already announced the XT880 50-inch, 58-inch, and 65-inch Ultra HD TVs, which they’ll be showing off.

So clearly there is a lot of activity in the Ultra HD field.

Last year the show shopping product at CES 2012 were the new 55-Inch OLED HDTVs, which have still yet to truly emerge on the pubic market.  I’m sure and HOPE that we see further progress in OLED TVs. I’m also hoping we might see our very first Ultra HD OLED TV?

I think we’ll also see further development in the Smart TV field. With new apps and functions. We might also see Samsung’s Evolution Kit make a showing? Which will update and enable these new Smart TV functions. The Samsung Evolution port was included on most of this years Smart TV models, but thus far we have yet to see any sign of it.

Below are our predictions. Let us know your predictions and hopes in the comments below!

  • Ultra HD / 4K – Further Push, More models
  • Larger HDTVs / Ultra HD TVs
  • OLED – More / Larger Models.
  • Ultra HD OLED TV?!
  • Smart TV – Further Developments
  • Samsung Evolution Kit?
  • Further Dual View type features
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2 Responses to “CES 2013 Predictions”

  1. I am eager to see the first evolution kit for my Samsung ES7000 smart TV. I guess it will include more cores in processor ( 4 instead of 2) hence more processing power and faster Internet browsing, better Soundshare with more Blutooth headset models pairing, and improvement in smart functions, e.g. gesture and voice control and face recognition.

    • Thanks for your input adnan.

      I’m also very hopeful we see the Evolution Kit, or at least some more information about it. I’ll be sure to cover any information on it.

      I would like to assume you’re right about the core upgrade and boost in speed. For everything else, we’ll have to wait and see.