Hulu, HBO, Vimeo and More On Chromecast

Ever since Google released their $35 Google Chomecast streaming dongle there has been a huge amount of attention around it.

It sold out at most places on the first day, and even direct from a three to four week delay. I was lucky enough to order and get mine, expect my full chromecast review up in the next few days!

The device has been selling faster than hot cakes, and it’s not just the customers who are interested. While the Chromcast currently only streams from YouTube, and Netflux (Plus local media), there are many other companies who want to get in on this highly popular device.

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast

We are hearing reports that the following streaming companies want to get in on the action with supported apps. Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Vimeo, RedBox, Plex, Vevo, Blip and Devour. I’m sure this list will continue to grow.

I have been using the Chromcast for the last few days, and I love it. It works flawlessly with my Android tablet, and phone. I currently browse movies on my tablet computer, and then use my Smartphone to pause and play the movie with ease!

I already love my Chromecast, especially for spending so little on it.  With the extra streaming apps coming our way soon, I’m sure the Chromecast will soon be a market leader, watchout Roku, Google is coming!

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