Chromecast Gains Hulu Plus Support

When Google launched their $35 Chromecast streaming dongle it launched with just two services, YouTube, and Netflix. But Google were quick to point out that other services would soon be joining the duo.

The first of these new upcoming services to be added to Chromecast is Hulu Plus. This is of little surprise to us as it’s one of the most popular streaming services available.

If you own a Chromecast your device would have already updated itself to support Hulu Plus. Just be sure to download the latest version of Hulu Plus on your Smartphone or tablet, and you should see the newly added “Cast” icon. Simply press this to send it to the Chrsomecast just as you’ve done with YouTube and Netflix.

Hulu Chromecast

Hulu Chromecast

We’re huge fans of Google’s Chromecase, we were lucky enough to receive one of the first batch before they sold out. We have since bought a second for another TV. Be sure to watch our hands on and review of the Chromsecast.

You can browse and control Hulu Plus from your tablet, and have access to the popular “10 seconds back” button, and also enable captions while the video is playing.

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