Cyber Monday HDTV Deals

Now that thanks giving and Black Friday are out of the way, it’s now time for Cyber Monday!

While you can of course get great deals on HDTVs on the street and also online, Cyber Monday is reserved exclusively for online deals!  While right now we have the best cyber Monday deals, Amazon are also running a Cyber Monday deals week, which as you probably guessed, runs all week long!

As these deals are changing all of the time, it’s not worth listing them all out here, so we recommend that you click over to the dedicated Amazon page here and check out all of the deals!

While Amazon are running these cyber Monday deals, they also have a special deals with conjunction with Samsung, offering a huge 45% off of Samsung’s premium 240Hz HDTVs with micro dimming (for deeper blacks and higher contract) and voice control. So it’s a great time to snap up one of those!  You can currently get 30% off of the flagship F8000 model, which we reviewed here, and gave our highly recommended award.

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