Dolby 3D Brings Full 3D & Glasses Free 3D to HDTVs

Dolby has long been a leader in the audio world, and now they are entering the home 3D video sector with their Dolby 3D technology.

We have seen the Dolby 3D technology used in the theaters for sometime now, but they have now teamed up with Philips to bring this technology to “any device” including HDTVs, laptops, tablets and phones.

Dolby have developed a format and content delivery technology to bring the Dolby 3D in full 3D HD to 3D displays. It works by automatically optimizing the video for different sized displays, rather than needing a different format for different displays.

Dolby 3D

Dolby 3D

It can also upgrade half resolution 3D to full resolution. It also provides the “Best Glasses-Free 3D for Any Device”.

Dolby say they wish to make the whole 3D experience more comfortable and convenient, and by introducing as standard, it will certainly make things easier.

I look forward to seeing HDTVs and devices coming out way proudly wearing the “Dolby 3D” badge. But we won’t have to wait too long, as Dolby say that the technology works on any 3DTV, tablet, laptop, or smart phone.

For more information view the Dolby 3D official site.

Update: Dolby have been demonstrating a prototype at NAB and apparently the technology shown on a 4k 56-inch HDTV was very impressive indeed.  With 24 different viewpoint it works well from many angles and side views.  The effect is best viewed from in front. The glasses free 3D effect is apparently slightly muted compared to glasses version, but more than dramatic enough.

I think Dolby are on to a real winner here.  If watching 3D TVhas become as simple as watching TV (ie, glasses free) it will be very popular.

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