Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 6010, 5010 Announced

New projectors don’t get the same fanfare release as new HDTV / 3DTVs do now days, but we thought the latest batch of projectors from Epson were certifiably worth a mention.

Epson have updated their line of 1080p projectors with five new models.  They combine 1080p HD quality with a new active 3D technology at a price that should catch everyones attention.

The new top of the line flagship projector is the Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 6010, and will set you back $4,000.  It can output 2,400 lumens and maintain a contrast ratio of 200,000:1 and also includes a feature which can convert 2D content to 3D content on the fly.

Epson Pro Cinema 510

Epson Pro Cinema 510

Epson Home cinema 5010

The next one down is the Epson Home cinema 5010 which is $1,000 less at $3,000.  This has the same specifications mentioned as the Epson 6010, but differs in included accessories and options, such as included 3D glasses, ceiling mounts and lens options.  There is also a wirelessHD Epson Home Cinema 5010e model which will cost $3,500.

Update: The PowerLine 5010 is now available from Amazon!

Epson Home cinema 3010

The more budget models are the Epson Home cinema 3010 and 3010e, running at $1600, and $1800 respectively. Both of these models have a 2,200 lumen rating and a 40,000:1 contrast ratio, and include built in 10w speakers.  These models are also 3D, and the 3010 model comes with 3D glasses.

The Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3010 series are already available and shipping from just $1,499.  But you’ll have to wait until November for the PowerLite Pro Cinema 6010 and 5010 series.

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