Universal 3D Glasses Initiative

Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and X6D have all joined together, and have formed the “Full HD 3D Glasses initiative”.

What exactly is the “Full HD 3D Glasses initiative”, and what are “Full HD 3D Glasses”? Currently all individual 3D TV manufacturers have their own 3D glasses and their own standard, so if you own a Samsung 3DTV, and have Sony 3D Glasses, they won’t work together.. Well, not until now that is.

This supergroup has standardized the 3D Glasses, meaning very soon you’ll be able to use one brand of glasses on another brand of 3DTV.

Full HD 3D Glasses

Full HD 3D Glasses

This is great news if you will own two 3DTVs from two different manufacturers, meaning you’ll, for example, be able to use your two Sony glasses, and two Samsung glasses on your Sony 3DTV.

Also some people are understandably put off spending money on addition 3D glasses knowing when they upgrade their 3D TV, their glasses will no longer work.

Keep your eyes open for the logo shown, as this will certify that the glasses will work on other 3DTVs with the Full HD 3D Glasses initiative.

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