HDTV News Interviews Director Garth Davis About 4K Ultra HD

4K / Ultra HD is coming fast, in fact, it’s already here! And it’s largely thanks to Sony’s huge push in getting 4K into our households.  Along with the huge 84-inch 4K Ultra HDTV, Sony has also brought us sensibly priced 55-inch, and 654-inch 4K TVs, and most importantly, they have also released the world’s first consumer 4K Ultra HD media player, the Sony FMP-X1.

Along with these 4K devices, Sony has also been at the forefront of bringing the public’s attention to the idea and benefits of 4K.  Sony did this by teaming up with director and cinematographer Garth Davis, who shared Sony’s passion for 4K. Together they produced a vivid commercial for 4K and Sony’s Ultra HD TV products.

We were recently given the opportunity to interview Garth Davis about his thoughts on 4K as a director and how is changing how the industry for all involved. We of course jumped on this oppertunitiy, so be sure to read the entire review below!

Garth Davis

Garth Davis

HDTV News: Why did you partner with Sony to launch the 4K?

Garth Davis: I wanted to help launch the 4K because it was both a creative opportunity and it provided a chance to explore new technologies. This project was about handing over the creative to the director, so we could explore our imagination with no limitations… a metaphor for the limitless possibilities of 4K. So coming up with the scenes, the vision, and then being able to make it was great.

HDTV News: How are new technologies allowing you to translate your vision as a director more clearly to audiences?

Garth: Being able to see a scene with so much detail in a domestic setting is quite something. It’s all about widening and enriching the experience for the viewer.

HDTV News: What can you tell me specifically about the technological benefits of 4K, particularly as it relates to color?

Garth: Sony has always been a leader in colour, and their new Triluminos display shows the widest and most vivid spectrum ever seen on screen. This detail brings vividness to specific textures, and in turn provides an enhanced colour experience with more context. This display is unique to Sony, and the subtle tones breathe new life into images like no other TV.

HDTV News: Describe how seeing color and images in 4K is different than HD.

Garth: It’s simply more lucid and hyper real. It grabs your attention, makes you take note of what’s happening on screen.

Garth Davis Directing

HDTV News: 4K technology has been part of the movies for a while, how would you describe in-home TVs as helping to bring this movie-going experience home to consumers? Can you make any comparisons?

Garth: Well, I suppose it is about seeing something so beautifully clear right there in front of you. It’s so uninterrupted and you can absorb so much more.

HDTV News: Your partnership with Sony is helping to create awareness of 4K.  Do you think the average consumers knows what 4K is, and the benefits it brings?

Garth: I think if you keep it simple, like 4K provides four times the detail of HD, they will get it. But you have to see it to truly experience it.

HDTV News: With the current lack of a physical 4K disc media, how do you think 4K will be delivered to consumers, via Internet etc?

Garth: What I’ve learned from this experience is that while standards for content delivery are evolving there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the benefits of 4K. Sony’s 4K TVs upscale broadcast, Blu-ray and Internet content to near 4K quality so you can enjoy the richness of picture 4K has to offer now. They also have a media player solution for delivering native 4K content to the home.

HDTV News: What else is on the horizon for you?

Garth: I’ll be working on more commercials and hopefully mid-next year a feature film with See Saw films, called Long Way Home.

If you have yet to see Garth and Sony’s 4K Ultra HD commercial, be sure to watch it below!

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2 Responses to “HDTV News Interviews Director Garth Davis About 4K Ultra HD”

  1. Ok and Garth Davis is who? I have never heard of him. He is making commercials for Sony to push 4K? What else has he done as far as making movies? Nothing that I have heard of. I saw the Sony 4K TV’s at my local Best Buy and to be honest I wasn’t impressed at all with what I saw. In fact they looked no different then my Sony HX850 HDTV which is a beautiful tv.

    • I have personally been very impressed by Sony’s 4K TV, especially at the larger sizes as this is where where you can see the biggest difference. The Sony HX850 is a beautiful TV!