Google TV CES 2012 Promo Video

HDTVs are expected to grab more than their fair share of attention at CES 2012 next week.

So why so much attention this year? Last year TV manufacturers were trying their best to push 3DTVs. This year it’s all about two things; OLED HDTVs, and Smart TVs, aka Google TV.

Samsung have been rumored to be releasing a 55-inch OLED Google TV, and LG have just confirmed their own Google TV offering. We got to see LG’s own Google TV interface from the two photos they provided, and we must admit it looks just as good and sleek as the TV itself.

Ahead of CES 2012 Google have just giving a revealing insight into their Andriod powered Google TV interface. It certainly looks very impressive, both very sleek, easy to use, fast and powerful. At the end of the video it reads “Apps for your TV”. After all, everyone loves apps right?

LG are demonstrating their Google TV / Smart TV offering on January 9th, we will be sure to keep you informed!

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