Grundig Vision 9 Chrome / Air HDTVs Announced

If you think of a Grundig TV, thoughts of a large bulky CRT TV from the 90’s will probably spring to mind.

Grundig was once a major player in the TV market in Europe, but didn’t move with the times when things moved to flatscreen TVs.

Grundig now have new owners and they are eager to change that old school retro impression and get with the times.

At IFA they have just launched their brand new LED HDTVs called the Vision 9 Chrome, and Vision 9 Air. Right now we’re going from the German (Translated) press release so it’s a little confusing, as they appear to of have a TV called The Vision 9 from 2008, but the Chrome / Air models are new.

The flagship model is the Grundig Vision 9 Chrome, and it will be available in five sizes, from 32-Inches, to 55-Inches and has a chrome and brushed all-aluminum base. There is also the Grundig Vision 9 Air, which will be available kin silver, black, and white color options.

Grundig Vision 9 Air

Grundig Vision 9 Air

They hope to capture more of the market share over the years by pricing the products lower than the competition. Similar to Vizio and Westinghouse in the U.S.

They make use of LED edge lighting, 400Hz refresh, and passive 3D technology. There is also USB media playback, DLNA streaming and Interactive TV / Internet services.

The Vision 9 Air should be available in Europe now, with the Chrome models coming in November.

  • 32 VLE 9270, 699 euros
  • 37 VLE 9270, 799 euros
  • 42 VLE 9270, 899 euros
  • 47 VLE 9270, 1,099 euros
  • 55 VLE 9270, 1,699 euros
  • 32 VLE 9272 CL, 749 euros
  • 37 VLE 9272 CL, 999 euros
  • 42 VLE 9272 CL, 1099 euros
  • 47 VLE 9272 CL, 1299 euros
  • 55 VLE 9272 CL, 1899 euros.
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