HDTV Shipments Predicted to Fall for First Time

While HDTV shipments slowed in 2011, they have never turned into decline in the last fifteen years of tracking.

But for the first time ever, flat-panel TVs are expected to decline 5% in 2012, down to 37.1 million units from 39.1 million units shipped in 2011.

While 5% isn’t exactly a huge drop, it shows a dramatic change in trend from constant grown to decline. Never before has the market declined, even during the height of the recession of 2008 and 2009.

Shipments are also projected to continue to decline over the next three years until 2015.

HDTV Shipments down 5%

HDTV Shipments down 5%

Over the previous years most of the sales have come from people upgrading from their old boxy CRT TV, to slim LCD TVs, and then to LCD HDTVs. Now that most people already own a LCD, most sales are coming from users upgrading their model to a larger size or more advanced model.

Most new sets are now LED backlit rather than CCFL resulting in even slimmer HDTVs, this along with new advanced features such as 3D capability and Smart functions are driving sales forwards.

Via LATimes

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