Hisense Pulse Google TV Box Available

If your now “standard” HDTV is looking rather plain and you’re wishing you an HDTV which could offer what the new generation of “Smart TVs” can no offer, there is an easy way to upgrade.

While Google TV v2 has yet to really make its way into the market, it is a very good Smart TV platform, and you can now make your HDTV “Smarter” by simply connecting a Google TV box to it.

The Hisesne Pulse Google TV box is similar to the popular Roku streaming boxes on the market, but the Hisesne Pulse runs Google TV / android. This gives you access to Google Play store, YouTube, Chrome Internet browser, PrimeTime, search, and all the standard media streaming (DNLA), USB.

The Pulse Google TV streaming box can output via HDMI upto 1080p video. It features both an Ethernet port and built in WiFi, along with a USB port and an IR remote control. The remote control is double sided, with a full QWERTY keyboard and directional keys on one side, and with a touchpad for easy navigation on the other side, along with volume, and channel buttons etc.

HiSense Pulse

HiSense Pulse

The Hisense Pulse is now available and is very reasonably priced at $99, it’s selling now on Amazon for just $95.

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