We must admit, we didn’t see this one coming! Ikea have just introduced the Uppleva, which is a HDTV, blended right together with the TV stand / furniture.

In the commercial show below, the Swedish host says it best by saying; “This is not a TV, and it’s not a piece of furniture either, it’s all in one”.

Ikea are clearly trying to address consumers problems with finding a suitable piece of furniture for their HDTV and are trying to address this with the Uppleva. They also highlight the cable management of the HDTV.

The Ikea HDTV is an LED HDTV which also includes a built in blu-ray player with a 2.1 sound system (stereo speakers and a wireless subwoofer for extra punch in the bass).



Along with the blu-ray player nicely tucked away, the uppleva also includes a number of storage spaces for additional devices such as set-top boxes and games systems, which can all be hidden away neatly.

Details on the actual HDTV are quite slim. We do know that it is manufactured by China’s TCL Multimedia, is LED backlit, WiFi ready, DivX support and has unspecified Smart TV functions, which may or may not include apps such as Netflix and Hulu.

To further reduce the mess, an all in one remote control is also included. I’m sure this will appeal to a number of people, but I for one, would rather by an HDTV from a trusted electronics brand. Maybe Ikea will sell the unit without the HDTV? Only time will tell.

More info at Routers.

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